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Friday, December 9, 2016

BMC 2016 Conference

1st Business and Management Conference (BMC 2016)
Managing Uncertainties
Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia (8-9 Dec 2016)

Title of My Talk. Design Thinking: Managing Uncertainties Through Design (8 Dec 2016)

Abstract. In addition to planning and problem solving, designing can also be a general approach to coping with uncertainty and complexity. Alternative implementations can include imagining and designing ideal-seeking systems (e.g., new types of telephone system), readjusting constraints to enhance actorship (e.g., urban shared space), and bringing forth smart collectives to translate individual capacities into a collective resource (e.g., a web-based social resource such as Wikipedia). Likewise, a design thinking perspective can also be applied to the task of developing educators and researchers, which is an aim of the newly formed scholarly society (MABMS) that initiated the BMC conference series.

Here is a recent news item on a similar theme:
"Design thinking methods to enhance innovation, creativity,"
The Borneo Post | 12 Dec 2016

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