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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Shodh Yatra (Koraput District, Orissa)

Shodh Yatra is organised by Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institution (SRISTI) every year, as a search for traditional knowledge and local innovations in the remotest parts of India. More ...

I am going to join the Shodh Yatra this year, which is going to be organised in the hills of southern Orissa, covering the stretch from Semiliguda to Sabara Srikhetra (Koraput District, Orissa), during 9-16 May 2006. I may have something interesting to say after I return.

[May 21, 2006] Wrote a poem to capture my state of enchantment, on returning from Koraput:


Enchanted with the Deomali peak;
Rose apples, demsa dance;
Enchanted with infinite trust.

Enchanted with a culture of giving;
Music of mountainous springs;
Enchanted with directness.

Enchanted with the kumkum tree;
Magic millet, distant river tamed;
Enchanted with grit.

Enchanted with the shweta-arka flower;
Humble delights, scented life;
Enchanted with a dream.

[June 15, 2006] My detailed reflections titled "Expressions of an Enchanted Diku: On Attending Shodh Yatra in the Hills of Southern Orissa" is appearing on the SRISTI website, for your comments please: http://www.sristi.org/cms/dasdesh

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