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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Research Training Workshops at XLRI

I conducted Research Training Workshops at XLRI Jamshedpur, during 17-30 Oct 2005 and 21-27 Nov 2005. This is part of the doctoral-level Fellow Programme in Management at XLRI. The workshops covered the following topics, some of which were led by faculty-colleagues from XLRI:

Images of Research
Tradition and Discovery; Collage Exercise
Research Thinking: Standard Forms
Reflections on Standard Forms
Research Process; Ball Game
Doing Field Research (Abinash Panda); Discussions
Breeds of Research: Variations of Standard Forms
Doing Survey Research (Himanshu Rai); Discussions
Management Research: Logics and Languages
Review of Thesis Proposals
Academic Writing; Manuscript Review
Doing Case Study Research (Soumendra N. Bagchi)
Developing a Doctoral Research Proposal (G. R. Chandrashekhar)
Research Skills; Self-Awareness
Goal Setting and Feedback

Participants: Arun, Kamal, Manavi, Niharika, and Zubin

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